West Dereham Church, Norfolk

Fairhaven Stone have recently completed a major restoration programme at St Andrew’s Church, West Dereham.  It is a grade I listed church, considered by English Heritage to be one of the finest medieval churches in England.  It is notable for its unusual round-tower, constructed with ironstone conglomerate masonry in the Saxon period and characteristic of the East Anglian region. The programme undertaken by Fairhaven and Woods consisted of the almost complete replacement of the perpendicular style window of the north nave wall, which were dangerously decayed.  Where possible original work was retained and incorporated within the new clunch tracery.  The distinctive south porch with its round Dutch gable was also in a very dilapidated condition, and required restored windows and plinth courses as well as a new roof for which special fish scale tiles had to be hand made.  The walls were re-rendered in a lime render.  The Conservation Department produced the tinted lime washes that were applied to both tracery and porch render.  The architect for the project was Shona McKay of the Archimage practise.

Fairhaven Stone were very happy to entertain members of the West Dereham Heritage Group at an open day at the Cambridge yard.  Masonry Manager,  explained how our craftsmen transform rough quarried stone into beautiful finished tracery.  This process can be followed in the slideshow attached

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