The Memorial Gardens, Norwich

A Ceremony of Remembrance took place on 11th November 2010 at the recently restored Memorial Gardens in Norwich, which the Norwich branch of the company has recently completed.

The renovation work began in Oct 2009 & involved repairing the structure of the Memorial Gardens. The work carried out was due to the failing of the original concrete hence the removal of the complete garden stonework and eventual replacement on a new concrete platform.
The Memorial has been renovated and re-fixed in it’s new location facing Norwich City Hall and is now accessible from St. Peters Street. Its position is now more appropriate for Remembrance Day parades and civic ceremonies.

Brief History of Building: The Memorial Gardens were built in 1938 and were part of the City Hall scheme designed by C.H. James & S.R. Pierce and are a Grade II listed structure. The gardens occupy a terrace linking the Guildhall with St. Peter Mancroft and were designed as an oasis of peace looking over the market place in the city centre. They were created as a setting for the Edwins Lutyens War Memorial and are used as a focal point for civic and remembrance services.




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