New apprentice from the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment

Nancy Peskett has joined the workforce at Fairhaven Stone in Cambridge on a Masonry apprenticeship, funded by the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment.

The scheme is an eight month programme of applied study which offers craftspeople an opportunity to advance their knowledge and experience in traditional and sustainable building crafts.

Nancy recently completed the one year Stonemasonry Diploma as a mature student at the Building Crafts College in Stratford, London.

Following intensive courses at the Prince’s residential summer school as part of her current apprenticeship, she then worked in the stoneyards at Lincoln and Winchester Cathedrals before completing a final month here at Fairhaven Stone. Nancy is no stranger to the construction industry, having trained originally in architecture here in Cambridge. Several years spent working in architecture practices, both office-based and on site, led to her wanting more hands-on contact with the building process. At Winchester and Lincoln much of her time was spent working directly on the fabric of the building.

At Fairhaven Stone she is getting experience in the workshop. The project selected for her involves drawing up the templates for a classically moulded fire-surround and working the stones on the banker under the eye of Masonry Foreman Nick Swift.

Nancy says she feels privileged to be working alongside such an experienced and professional team at Fairhaven Stone, and is delighted to be learning so much about all stages of the production process.

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