CSCS Heritage Cards

Many of the buildings we work on are listed by English Heritage as historically and culturally significant. Worryingly, according to research carried out by the National Heritage Training Group (NHTG), about two thirds of those who work on pre-1919 buildings do not have the specialised skills required.
In order to identify those whom do have the right skills, the NHTG has worked with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) to develop a CSCS Heritage Skills card.

Fairhaven Stone craftsmen are currently registering with the scheme.

John Edwards from English Heritage’s Conservation Department, recognises it’s value. “English Heritage now asks for crafts persons employed by contractors working on its own estate of over 400 historic sites to hold the CSCS Heritage Skills Card for new contracts. We hope that in future this will be mandatory, once the number of cards has reached a viable level. This will help improve the quality of the workforce which will help to ensure better treatment of historic buildings.”

There are currently 4 holders of the card at Fairhaven Stone.

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